Poem -

The testament of Frivolities

A poem from mundane mind

The testament of Frivolities

Title: the testament of Frivolities
poet: Steve Anc 

As the mouth keep chattering,
So did her mind shatter'd away by
The dangling from my ink;
As I mention'd I am a writer:
"what is that you write about?"
She asked.

"A pom not a prose–
Oh, only mind puzzling poems"
As she shook her dark-long hair,
The atmosphere seem'd to grow colder beneath my armpit.

Oh what a beautiful alluring she was!
Whereas, i was only author of poems
That came with collection of notes,
 Less I know she came with flowers of  love.

Alas for the caprice of cupid!
Alack for the phantoms of fame!
It was love at first sight
Cause her name I knew not,
Mine didn't display in her mind.

I saw love drove off in a rehearse,
I took retreat in terror....
Thanks heaven I didn't make that error;
But as she start'd  quoting my verses,
Inwardly louder was my laughter;
She had known me some years past


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Tony Taylor

Hmmmm!?....I can see real talent here......but I have problems understanding with the formatting you use to convey ideas......you have extraordinarily creative phrasing.......and yet you deliver some of it as though 'dyslexia' were  a problem......and even though my mind can compensate for that......I get the feeling that your intellect far outweighs your desire to care what ANYONE else thinks.........Fantastic Potential here STEVE!!......Please don't take offense at my commentary......I am simply trying to express my recognition of the potential genius in your work!!........ALL STARS!!.......well done dear poet brother!!.....LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo : )

Steve Anc

Thanks so much for the comment Tony.
am trying to carve a phase in my work, that is a bit complex though simple to comprehend....but if you can read through my mind's eyes,  is an easy work.

Thanks once more!

Steve Anc

Base on how I deliver some  of my works  Tony,  is a conscious act.
I consciously chose not to complete some of the spellings, that is my style of writing.
You will see such spellings in all my works.
for instance: you will see cause instead of because,
seem'd instead of seemed,
Shatter'd instead of shattershattered etc.
It is my choice of words

Tony Taylor

Very cool stuff indeed.... like I said you show signs of something brilliant here..... I'll definitely be keeping up (as much as I can) on your stuff.....I can't be on line all the time but I WILL look out for your stuff..... It's VERY original and not like much else I've read here..... keep up the great work dear poet brother!....... Love & Rockets!!.......T xo. : )