Poem -


Another train will leave the tracks today
Leave for a destination and go on it's way
The journey maybe tiresome and long 
Clackety clack like words from a song 

The train will be stopping at unknown places 
Carrying I know all types of interesting faces
The views outside will be stunning for sure
Green fields and town life and perhaps even more

Finally the train stops the destination found
Some people wishing they were homeward bound 
Others are happy to be at last reunited 
Friends and family are here they are so excited 

Oh dear friend I wish was on the train once more 
Instead I'm here stuck behind my locked front door

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Kieran....All of our lives feel so surreal right now as we have to be isolated....and the simple privilege of traveling is denied.  It sure makes us appreciate the things we are used to doing routinely that now seem unattainable.  Toilet paper is a fancy commodity to have right now...lol  Thanks for sharing. xo