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I sat, meditating,
Guessing, of each greedy hand
With wholesome hunger, nearly fed
The magic of living tangled in thought
Wrestling ideas and truisms sought
How I need you to look inside
See what's weighing so heavily
Upon my mind...

Out of the night that covers me
Like enlarged veins, that color my skin
Ever in my head and held within
I can feel you there
An attentive daughter
A wily watcher
Protecting against the pilgrim born
To be the ever-seeker
Where the ethereal
Dares to deliver my death a dirge
In this one-act play
The Watcher cries freedom
From deep within a future
A final curtain
From life's solemn coolness
Like shadows falling down
Down on me
Holding my hand
Like living in limbo
I can feel you there
The Watcher,
Inside my head...

Tony Taylor
* Inspired by: intuition


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Cherie Leigh

Hey T...I feel a presence inside...like the narrator is expressing intuition of being watched...and I don't think that is what you exactly meant, but that is how I experienced this write as I read...lol We contemplate our life and our world by our inner intuition...maybe it's more like his conscience exploring the spiritual and mysteries. The mention of a "one act play" makes this poem seen from an individual's perspective of his life. The whole flow and feel is very mystical though and the beauty of the alliteration makes it so poetic. You are so darn good! I am proud of you. xo Love n Hugs, ;)

Tony Taylor

WOW!!....thank you C!!.....I REALLY felt this as one of the best poems I have ever written.....it's sad that more people didn't see this.....I would have liked some feedback......regardless, you are ALWAYS there and have my utmost respect as a writer......thank you especially for this ~

                ~"The beauty of the alliteration makes it so poetic.."

Thank you for recognizing my efforts sweetheart!!......you make writing every day a challenge and a pleasure!!......Hugs-n-Kisses!!......T xo 🐧✴❤❤❤❤❤✴🐧

Tony Taylor

Thank you for the stars GREG!!.....I appreciate your taking the time to read!!.......Lots of Love.......T xo 🐧✴❤

Tony Taylor

THANK YOU for reading Ann-Marie......I REALLY do appreciate it my friend!!.......Hugs-n-Smiles!!.......T xo  🐧✴❤

Icarus Flocke

Just when i think you cannot top yourself on
transcendental art, you completely prove me
wrong, and it's a great thing.

You are whitman, thoreau, emerson, melville
and other transcendentalists of that genre all
rolled into one Unique ball of self expression
that you have made your own.

i remain constantly amazed by your
ability to build symbols which are readily
discernible by all, yet remain complex
due to their often far reaching nature

hats off per usual. in fact i should probably just
keep it off to simplify the process.