Poem -

The world I occupy

The world I occupy

My days stretch across arteries
graft through Adam’s brokenness
in the utterances of many tongues
at the confluence of overlapping
decades, centuries and millennia.

I am not colour blind but
enabled to see beyond the UV
by the dreamings and songlines
that paint supra dimensional
voicescapes across horizons.

We are never the same twice
every conversation and meal
as unique as each palm slopped
upon cave walls and windows
that pattern our shared terrain.

Melodies of nomads traversing
waters, lands, skies, and webs
flavour elastic healing hours
as I listen and drink reflections
of God's smiles within and without.

So many shattered mirrors
melt into the mosaic that is
our being blood bound by
life source God calls beloved
offered as kindest gift to all.

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