Poem -

The world is not a safe place

The world is not a safe place. 
It’s filled with rape culture and divorce 
Its full of regrets and remorse 
It’s filled with homelessness and poverty it’s filled with bullying and mockery 
It’s filled with war and full of violence
And filled with the loudest unwanted silence 
It’s filled with stigma and full of crime 
And there are even unsafe places online 

It’s filled with bad people, its so unsafe 
And at night you definitely can’t walk home late 
And there’s gangs and knife crime and countries with no education 
But somewhere along the lines there must have been some complication 

Because when I was 6, this didn’t exist 
There was No sadness, no gangs, there were barely even guns 
Except of course for the toy ones. 
There was no fighting, no bullying, there was nothing online
All people were good and there was no crime. 
There was no man begging on the street 
There was no family struggling just to eat 
I didn’t know that divorce was a thing 
I didn’t know all good things came attached to a string 
I didn’t know girls and boys didn’t get the same choice 
I didn’t know your skin colour defined your voice.
Stigma didn’t come attached to anything 
Rape wasn’t mentioned, life didn’t have a bitter sting. 

Suddenly the world became a very scary place 
Where everything moved at a super fast pace 
Where we’re only shown the bad things 
Like how the NHS has no resources 
Or that there aren’t enough education courses. 
We are told to have perspective and that there’s more good than bad 
But when the news only presents bad things, it’s hard not to feel sad 
And miss those days when i was 6,
When ignorance could still be bliss 
But now the world is not a safe place 
But i can’t change that, so i put on a brave face.