Poem -


The world today 
and its technology 
today is wounderful
and it will get better
as the years go by
computers will get
better every year
and thing that you 
can with them and 
all the thing you can look 
up and find its amazing
back in 1975 if wanted to know 
something you had to to the 
library and maybe you found it
but today wow what you can do
with computer and the iPhone
is amazing to the phone some one in 
1975 when you need to call some 
one when were not home
you had call from a phone booth 
and hope that some one was there 
when need a new one those days are 
gone  with cell phone you can text 
and they will text you back and then
when get new iphone and download it
you can put old phone next to the new
phone and it will transfer every thing
to your new phone only if could do 
that to people and you could live for
ever its amazing what you can do 
with technology today 


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Technology does make work faster and easier though hard work and toil of the good old days was good for our health and limbs . 
This is a unique fantastic poem the first I read in praise of tech. So thumbs up for it.

pls pleez do review/ comment/ write your thoughts as to my newest poem too.

Greg Etsell

Thank you Technology is wonderful and it only gets better

Tony Taylor

I REALLY like your choices in subject matter of late ........you keep surprising me my friend....... and you continue to grow in every way dear poet brother......a fine achievement and a true mark of literary growth in the best of directions!!.......ALL STARS!!..... well done GREG!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo.  : )

Greg Etsell

thank you Tony the reason I wrote
this is I just got a new iphone 11 
it was amazing when I downloaded 
with my old phone and put them together
and how easy it was change over all the thing
from my old phone then on my computer I downloaded
windows 10 it took me 3 hours to do that now my
computer runs like a new one it to bad we cant do that
with people and make them new agin thanks for reading

Cherie Leigh

Technology is amazing....I just wish it was not so expensive!  Lol....We have the world at our fingertips.  ;) xo