Poem -

‘There’s nothing like a laugh’ 🤣

‘There’s nothing like a laugh’ 🤣

I know I’m just a grandmother aging in my senior years
My youthfulness changes annually along with my grey hairs
None-the-less I still have energy I am not passed it yet
I shall never refuse excitement
I will not act old, you can bet

Until the dismal day arrives when I can play no more
Decrepitness has taken over me
& darkened my front door
I no longer crave entertainment to amuse my cheery soul
I am unfortunately house-bound
Ripe-old age has taken it’s toll

I will endeavour to carry on
Perhaps not as energetic as before
Tho don’t get me wrong, coz if you knew me then you’d exactly know the score
I love to dance, I try to sing
There’s nothing like a laugh
I’ve made many a fun memory
with family parties in my gaff

My philosophy in life is to always try your very best
Partake in every eventuality
Always join in with the rest
Never give in to your ailments
There’s plenty time for that
The dreaded day is just around the corner
When we will all be lying flat !!!

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Audrey youde

I simply loved this ,,
its me you've written about
and you didnt even know it x