Poem -

This is a hard life, but I still dream ( no crown for me)

I love it when I hear those rapping saying they had it hard
I write poetry but I know I am no bard
I live a life as tough as shit
Hard work, no money do I give them short thrift
I aint looking to wear no crown
But I am fed up with always being down
I do everything and anything for family
I center myself in spiritual belief
I look to Buddha for inspiration
I am an anarchist who suffers no placation
I believe in environmental salvation
Though I am poor and my life is tough
I know what matters and I share love
Lost both my parents and my daughter
Yet somehow I still believe my life has a future
Even though hope seems to have abandoned me
I still hold on to the light that gives me energy
I fight for global equality
I fight the right for freedom of speech
That why I always back amnesty
I support Greenpeace on ecology
Extinction Rebellion trying to save humanity
David Attenborough is a legend to me
Neither left nor right has policies for me
Self serving politicians all in it for greed
I still remember Grenfell and I still grieve
No one prosecuted can you believe
Epstien raped kids and still walked free
For so many years because he was wealthy
I lived my life in conscious reality
Trying to live it good with kindness as my priority
But never has anybody offered to fit a crown on me
But I wouldn't want it in all honesty
I want my words to be heard i ain't going to lie
I'd hate to think I was wasting my time
But I swear if I hear rappers keep saying they've had it tough
I am gonna flip that's the truth blood
For its so hard to hear when you're broken and poor
And life hardly seems worth living for
The endless precession of work, sleep work, sleep
Very little ir no pleasures in life for me
Driving me f own on yo my knees
Is the very raw reality
For me
Yet somehow I still manage to dream
I am a writer
I do my best
To spread a message through my poetry
So why not join me
On my journey
You are welcome to come and follow me.

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