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Those romantics

Those romantics

I cant handle default settings,
I cant handle mainstream mediocrity,
I have to have something more than average to stimulate me,
I have to be diverted from what I find ordinary,
I need much more to give me meaning.
So I did rest,
Down by the river,
I came here to find intimacy and what I saw was cathedral and castle,
I admired ancient architecture,
I looked through stained glass windows and watched the censor sway,
I smelt the sweetest fragrance.
I heard church pipes play,
I heard choirs,
What I saw was milleniums,
Here I am using my imagination,
Rolling back the years of history,
Here I am taking it all in like it was yesterday,
Here I am taking it all in and bringing it back to life.
And what it all amounts to is monumental,
Now I know what the pre-raphaelites saw,
I can empathize,
then the young goths appeared out of nowhere.

A Thearta Production*

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A Lonely Journey

Hey Frantic,Β 
Wonderful writing, my friend. You have a beautiful mind, and I love the way you think, and learn. Life is meant for learning.Β 

Great write!Β