Poem -

Through Faith

Through Faith

With you
By my side
We're silent lightning
Beautiful, in the sky

Now you
Close your eyes
Because only the best
Get this kinda surprise

As if we're inside a movie
And there's a symphony
Playing such a sweet,

I sing with a smile on my face
My heart whole
And a time we just won't erase
These memories
We found one another through faith

Such beauty like this
Is deemed worthy
Of a wonderful kiss

So close your eyes
Play a song
That is kind
Because you're finally mine

I play with a blush on my face
My heart you stole
And a love that'll never to erase
We found each other through faith

Someday the stars will explode
And it's your hand I'll hold
There's no one else in the world

Because with you
By my side
Beauty erupts
In the sky

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