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Thru the passageways of time

Thru the passageways of time

One can look to the past with all those memories that were great but it is impossible to see the future because the future is our fate..the distance betwixt the past and the future is where we are now..a living for the moment of what we allow

As one travels the journeys thru the passageways of time..in our wonderful world with beauty sublime..we grow older and wiser from wisdom we learn.. with a longing to venture and a need to return..those traces from our memoirs when we bravely did explore..with our abundance of snapshots to cherish and adore

Each and everyone of us in our own little bubble.. discovering life..trying to dodge any trouble..as the hands on a clock tick away our new day..one’s busyness or boredom flitters the future away..but no matter what lies in store for us up the uncertainty of one’s ladder of a  lifetime..it may be a snakey ,downwards spiral or an open-ended climb..

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