Poem -

tides come, tides go

Tides come...
Tides go...
Each time,
Changing flow.
Life comes...
That I know
Life goes...
That also....
It’s up to you how your story goes.
What you do inbetween is what matters the most.
It’s up to you how your life flows.
No matter a life sentence diagnosis,
I knew this day would come,
Just hoping it’s me the reaper will miss and not take a dad from home,
Too many times now I’ve been written off..
Too many times now drs have made my life tough...
Too many tears over me I’ve seen from loved ones lost.

Our life is that of an electric current.
You cut the supply and the end is apparent.  
Like cancer squeezing my lifeline and ending me as a dad,
As a parent!
If I was religious I’d ask the lord if I could take my sins and repent...
I’m not though,
So I have to find,
Unfortunately someone who’s going through this same mental torment.
So many years now my bodies been on fighter mode,
Beating back my cancer,
Which cannabis slowed....
Once again my life is in my drs hands,
I trust him though and his medical mind and hands.
To me,
He’s the only one that truly understands,
To me,
He’s the don,
He’s the boss,
Brains and my man.
My saviour and my light,
He’s who gave me this extra 14 year life span.
I’m already passed my sell date though,
14 years from six weeks from after my last bout of chemo,
Then 2 to 3 as I gave up weed,
The chemo was burning and killing me from the inside you know,
The last hope at making my cancer not grow.
Until may of 2005,
When this amazing dr took control,
Telling me that cannabis is the answer,
“Look I’ll show”.
Throughout that next week,
He said “smoke as much cannabis as you can or eat,
Quick now,
Off you go".
So away I went,
and on an ounce I spent,
 to smoke and eat my week away.
Went back for scans,
Near the end of the week,
On a Saturday.
We were stunned,
We were shocked and we didn’t know how,
But it seemed like my cancer had stopped in its' tracks,
But I understand now.
So for the last 14 years I’ve toked,
On a magical plant that has long been revoked....
I’m telling you cannabis has saved my life,
That I can tell you is no joke.
So thank you dr Jeremy Whelan,
For saving my life on a gut instinct feeling.
Until last year,
2mm is the most any of my tumours have grown.
Recently I’ve been told that one has grown 2mm in my lungs is what the scan has shown.
Waiting for more news now,
To the extent of the rest of my body,
Organs and bone.
I’m sat here feeling so sick,
Just want the answers now,
Here snappy and quick.
Either way,
Good or bad,
at least then i can fully equip!

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