Poem -


"Let's climb Nimrod's tree,
won't that be fun!"
And that's the moment
the games had begun
So humanity left their ancestors
far behind
Putting their wisdoms out of the mind
Step by step they rose
and branch after branch
"We've evolved" They said
From hunting and gathering
to life at the ranch
From copper to gold
to bronze and steel
Then spices and oil
High Tech and A.I.
and kept on moving
right up to the sky
And just as they thought they might reach the top
The vibrations were felt from a mighty chop
Well some of them felt it
and began to look down
And there at the bottom
was a horrorfilm clown
Lucky for them resting on that same tree
was a shape shifting bird
that could carry them free
It's head is the Messiah
It's called the True Church
It doesn't belong here
It just came to perch
The offer is open
in the darkest night
to embark on a feather
and prepare to take flight
There's no one denomination
like the systems of man
It's simply a heart thing
to trust that we can...
with Christ's revelation
of the deep love of God...
escape the trepidation
when this trunk is full shod

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Al...Faith is a heart thing for sure...and a relationship with God...not a system from man...I love how you point that out....Wonderful spiritual message in your well thought poem. xo ;)  My respect.