Poem -


Diamonds, ruby's, sapphires and gold,
do shine so brightly when gazed upon to behold.
These things can be bought, borrowed or sold, 
and when all's said and done hold as much meaning as coal. 

Things that glitter to eyes can seem bold, 
but can only be passed down when years become old.
To glow with true insight comes with a gift, 
one that cannot be held or placed on a list.


This cannot be bought, but spent wisely it can, 
mean more than any treasure you could hold in your hand.

Dust will becomes of the flowers that bloom, 
and how great is a toy that sits us alone in a room? 
I'd much prefer a board game, with people to play, 
to appreciate the moment and make the most of my day. 

How important or loving is a gift, 
if you have nobody to enjoy it with?

"Have this son, This shows how I feel. 
It can be seen, and held, so it MUST be real. 
Me? No, I don't have time, I'm going out,
but look! I gave you something so have fun with it now." 
"But dad, what about you, where are you going?"
"That's none of your business and none of your knowing. 
Your lack of appreciation, boy, it shocks me, 
do you know how much that toy I got for you cost me?
 I worked my fingers to the bone for that thing, 
can't you see all of the treasure that I shower you in?" 

Are presents good when they litter the floor, 
alone in silence but for the slam of a door? 
Do you think this child wanted all these gifts? 
When he thinks of happiness, does he really picture this?

To know who you really are inside make a wish, 
and reflect on what you wish for and ponder upon this. 

"Where's my beautiful little boy, I'm home now from work. 
I missed you so much that inside it did hurt. 
Before dinner, tell me, how was your day? 
Tell me while dinner cooks and then after we'll play. 
Go and get mummy too or we can play by ourselves, 
those lovely cars of yours aren't going to push themselves."
"But Dad, somedays you bring me a present, so why not today? 
Why not a sweet for when I finish the food on my plate?"
"But I do bring you a gift every single day, don't you see? ... 
I bring you the greatest gift I could ever give you ... It's me!"

But sometimes mummy's and daddy's get tired too and that's fine, but judge not what people have but what they do with their time. 

Money is good, with it oh the things you can do, 
but without appreciation everything means nothing, and that's true. 

So think not about the presents but the time that we share, 
so when skin becomes wrinkly and the head rejects hair, 
if you find yourself in deep sorrow or a wash with despair, 
you'll look back and know deep inside that they cared. 

The greatest gift cannot be shelved, held, buried or climbed, 
cannot be bought, but spent in heaps, and yes, it is time. 

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Hello William...

Welcome to Cosmo!

‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč‚Äč Wise words indeed!

Awesome WRITES!

Thank you for sharing...




William Fury

Sparrowsong, you flatter me, thank you.