Poem -

Times They Are a Changin

Times They Are a Changin

Afghan Poppy Seeds
invading my mind
A Reversal of Me
a Reversal of You
Flash Back to Brezhnev
“I really want to trim those eyebrows”
A minute Forward

Rub out that birth mark
from a communist stain

A missile did the trick
to a puppet fool's
Creating a “Silence of the Lambs”
to his seed

Slick Willie
Didn't inhale
but encouraged
the intern to exhale
after he blew
his load
upon her
blue dress
Lies justified
An invasion
Yet the Butcher of Baghdad
Did enjoy the Doritos
Before he dangled on
A rope
The leader of
“yes we can”
Kissed the ring
Of a bigot
Leaving tensions
Between the “Jew Devils”
And the “Yanks”.
“I am with her “
Drove the deplorables
In masses
To elect
The “Snake Oil”
With God Awful hair
A bar waitress
Holding  Mao’s
“Little Red Book”
Earned enough
To get to
But had to go to “Ross”
To buy herwhite outfit
For the State Of The Union
At the Nation’s Capital
The song
“Times are a Changin”
Can faintly be heard
From senior citizen
Bob’s guitar
But the beat of
An American Indian’s
Drowns out the meaning
Making a liberal biased
To speculate on a 15 yr old
Boy’s smirk
Yes times are a changin
As a politically motivated
State of Emergency is
Though Mexico
Is not picking up
The tab
If the “Don” has his way
“El Chapo”
Will take care of it…
“Did I say Mexico was paying?”
“I meant the Mexican (El Chapo)!”
“Don’t get hung up on Semantics!”
“Regardless it is going to be a beautiful Wall!
Incredible and Clean!”
“You could eat a Taco on it!”

Yes times are a changin
We now label cops
As the bad guys
And teach our children
That it is racist to pledge
The allegiance to the flag
Makes one wonder if
One day
A federal mandate
Will require
That all 65 year olds
Be euthanized
So that their
Social Security Benefits
Could be used
To pay for
Bernie’s and AOC’s
“Free Education”
Not hard to believe
Given the fact
That New York
Has already given
Their blessings
On killing an 8 month old baby!

However with that said
just relax
Text your “Banjo Man”
Smoke some weed
Play with your
"Play Dough"
For the Times are a Changin………………………..

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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

HI Greg...Yes, times are changing...and not for the better.....I wonder if we are heading to the final climatic scene of Revelation....so much deceit and stupid political correctiveness....taking away from truth.  I hope our children's generation can make a difference for the better....but I do worry for them what perception of the world will be presented to them to deal with.  Great awareness write. xo


thanks Cherie!  I was hoping tony would read this one


Hello Greg...

I have been following the track closely and we're heading more and more toward Socialism and we know from facts of other Countries that it fails every time creating a 3rd World Economy...

Half of the people here have their hand out to the Government for a few bucks and food stamps...

They can't stand on their own...

Free education and Free Health Care only leads to major problems...

If we look at the reasons why other Countries people flee we are headed their ourselves...

We will all become slaves more than we already are and those who refuse to see it are going to get a very rude awakening...

I feel very bad for those who are fleeing for safety only to find out by coming here they'll only have to flee again...

Many People here are going to be fugitives themselves...

I think everyone needs to spend some time in a Socialist Country and see, Really See how bad it is...

Those who think the U.S. would never be a 3rd World Country are definitely part of the problem...

​​​​​My Neighborhood has already got together and each and every one of us is creating our own system and we each have a part...

We have periodic get togethers to see where we're at and what we still need...

They know I have expertise of off grid living and I'm in much better condition to be able to hide my House than they are...

My plan is going to be when you drive by my house you won't even see it...

​​​​​​​Someone I know who lives in another town already hid  theirs...

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...





thanks.  It is historic replay of how things have gone bad

Edward Williams

Love the reference to “ banjo man “but I think ur mistaken fr “tambourine man” ne way great right .bob Dylan is one of my favourite musicians .. ps . If u like political fighting rockers.. check out “ led belly”” he wrote a lot of the classics we know like black Betty and house of the rising sun .. he has one about taking down hitler .. I was thinkin of it while reading thanks for the entertainment


thank u I am glad you enjoyed.  I purposely put banjo man 👨 in Vs tambourine man as I wanted a more suble reference to a drug dealer 😂.  I am glad you got it though!

Edward Williams

Yes I am a big fan of classic rock and bob Dylan is one of the best there is

Tony Taylor

WOW!!! WOW!!!......Greg!!......this is stunningly well considered, crafted, and etched profoundly upon the readers 'minds eye' after finishing this epically insightful poetic observation!!  I lost my shit when I read ~ "You could eat a taco on it.."......LOL!!! LOL!!~ and while it's truly funny it is ALSO terribly sad!!......In fact the way you wove in all of the world leaders with their respective roles to play you still managed to paint an unbelievably powerful picture of the state of affairs of this crazy ass world in which we find ourselves today.......I could go ON & ON here but perhaps we will find ourselves on the telephone tomorrow and figure out what we two can do....... to fix ALL of the world's problems with only our wits and poetic integrity!! (smiles)......PINNED!!......One of the best writes from the pen of Sir Tucker that I have ever had the privilege of reading!!.........smokin' grooves brother!!......Smokin' grooves!!......T xo 🐧✴❤


Thanks Tony!  This one took about 30 minutes lol