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Today is the day
For packing things away, putting everything in boxes
Putting it somewhere
No idea where
Just somewhere...else
These are the days of hurried meals and
Letters that stay written in my head
These are the days we’ll look back on
With so much more affection than we feel
Living them
Rendered so much better with distance
And here I am, seeking deliverance in words
Seeking the balm of solace
In getting it out, getting it down
Like an infection I’m passing round

Some days it’s safer if I just think in poetry

Today is the day
For deleting photos deleting files but I can’t delete
My memories
Pesky things sometimes
Won’t go somewhere...else
And we’re all running through mythical tunnels
Fighting mythical quests and never sure
If we’re winning, or losing, or worse
Recycling our hurts to save our planets 
With the timeworn guardians of Hope
And here I am, dousing the fires of my regrets
Seeking the balm of empathy
Getting it all down, getting it out
Like a plague I’m passing around

Some days it’s best if I just talk as a chorus

As a chorus
                                                     (This said softer and fading...)

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