Poem -


Will you be here tomorrow Mother?
Will a new dawn paint it's dazzling pallette
Over the grey horizons
A pleasing gift to us
From you
Will faithful birds sing greeting songs
Bathed in rainbow colours of new day
Will you be reborn?
Will you spread your magic
So the green shoots push up from the peaty earth
Assisted by your hand
That volcanoes may erupt
Rebirth the earth
Fiery and grand
Will you stir the oceans
Wet the land
Give your thankless children
A helping hand
Will you forgive us 
Because we did not understand
​​​​​​That you live and breath
Hurt and seethe
As we do
Will the wild and the wonderful
Proceed through the day

Paying no heed
To the human plague
Will the stoic trees 
Secret fairy dells

The sights the sounds 
The life the smells
Still exist?
Will we know again
The cool winds kiss
Will the flowers bloom to drop new seeds
Will you bestow on us
New air to breathe
As sleepy clouds 
Pass above us
Dreaming still
In the suffering skies
Will you be here tomorrow
Will tomorrow be here?
Marion Price (2019)


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Icarus Flocke

This is a work of GENIUS!!!

I love the deeply reflective , existential
Nature of this.

In a world of such uncertainty,
One can only be certain that they never
Know what tomorrow brings or if it will
Be there.

Great writing.

Marion Price

Aye, tomorrow's are both a blessing for the beauty and often a curse for most other stuff, depending on the mood Icarus. On rereading your work I think now it's not the moon you shot ...it's going to take a few more reads ...lol. Thankyou for your comments and time my friend 🌹🌹