Poem -

Travelling on a train

Travelling on a train

Fast train
Full of people
Strangers sitting down
Each with their own mission
Travelling to a nearby town

Old couples
Young children
Friends sat side-by-side
Local commuters going to work
Foreigners from far & wide

Chugging along on a choo choo
Admiring the scenic view
Time for chatter
Reading papers
Filling an hour or two

Luggage holders full of cases
Overhead, up above
Courting couples cuddling-in
Both very much in love

Everyone is on their phone
There is internet on this train
A free service for the customer
Tho it is slow what a pain

The tannoy sounds out it’s information
Our journey is now complete
As I finish this ditty
Collecting all my stuff from my seat

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Jill Tait

Awww thankin u kindly Simon :) much appreciated & Ive just got home lol :))