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Truly Free

Truly Free

“Truly Free”
So this dates back, after 1864
Slavery was abolished, now all men are free forever more
But we weren’t really free, at least not from everything 
Because the chains were off our hands, but they remained on our feet 
We couldn’t attend the same schools; we couldn’t communicate 
We were free from the fields but not from the hate
We lacked the power, the knowledge, the rights, the education
We were freed from slavery but not segregation
We were overworked and underpaid time and time again
Treated unequally ‘cause of the color of our skin
Then along came a man who wanted true liberty
No matter the color of your skin, you should be treated equally
This man,this testator, was Martin Luther King,
And he stood before America and said,”I have a dream.”
One day we’ll live in perfect harmony
We’ll hold hands together and walk the same streets
We’ll change the time, achieve our wildest dreams 
We’ll be color blind, and then we’ll truly be free

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Mariyah Morgan

I wrote this poem for my teacher, I wanted to highlight how people as a whole have struggled to overcome laws that seemed to give freedom, but only promoted more problems. I learned that color is important because it's apart of our personalities, but it does not determine our actions or what we are in life.