Poem -

Twenty twenty vision

Twenty twenty vision

I have driven over an hour with my middle daughter by my side
We have arrived at our destination
So I am gonna sit in here and hide
It is absolutely awful a’sleeting and a’snowing
I shall stay indoors till she is finished and then will be going
You see our Laura is having laser operations to correct both her eyes
I had the same done fifteen years ago I think she is very wise

Laura has suffered poor eye sight since she was in her smalls
So after this surgery she can throw her glasses in the bin and have brilliant eyeballs
It might take a few hours until the procedure is done
but when it is all over she will be thanking everyone
Tho Laura is apprehensive she is on a mission 
coz only thirty seconds of lasers on each eye will give her twenty twenty vision

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Marion Price

Very best wishes to you both Jill...hugs đź’•

Jill Tait

Thankx luv we just back home drivin was crap but she away to her dark bedroom as stingy xxx