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Twist of fate 💔

Twist of fate 💔

She gently handed him the silver spangled goblet
It glistened under the brightness of the moon
He brushed his warm lips against her icy cold temple 
Alas her lover took a sip too soon

There was no time for reflection
As she gulped from her crystal glass
Not a question sending signals to her head
This lethal potion that she concocted had an immediate reaction
By the second fatal swallow they were dead

No malice was her actual intention
When she had conjured up this mixture in her mind
Her Romeo had shown not a sign of remorse
After he told her that her love for him was blind

Was she befuddled by his charming advances ?
Why did he feel the need to treat her like a fool ?
Martha’s life without the thought of him was worthless
Yet his disloyalty had simply broken every rule

One late September evening
Her lover’s sister’s son
chanced upon this cruel twist of fate
When he rang to get the Doctor
In a state of total panic
As the courting couple lay huddled by her gate

Dr Jordon pronounced both deceased at the scene
then he blurted out “How sad”
with a sigh
“Romeo was ill, he had only months to live
He was being cruel to be kind with a lie”

But never-the-less the lovers are together
In death, RIP they did part
They say, yes Martha’s action was insane
She’d do it again if she knew the truth
There’s no way she could live with a broken heart


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