Poem -


 I want to write a song
Do you know how much I love you?
Waited so many years for one, and then came two
In my heart you belong
These words are so true
I want to write a song
Just for you
And you
My little treasures
A gorgeous girl and little boy blue
Days, weeks, months, have now turned into years
I want to protect you
And wipe away your tears
I want to write a song
With words full of love
My little angels from heaven above
Whenever you need me in years to come
My arms will be open
Your secrets will be safe
 No words will be spoken
I want to write a song
To tell you what you both mean to me
You fill my heart with love
Making me incredibly happy
I want to write a song
Perhaps a Lullaby
I will promise you the world
Give you wings to fly
But please come back to me
Your limit is the sky
You can reach to the stars
And forever feel the sun
I guess I have written this song
Now all I need is a tune
I want to tell you both
I love you to the moon

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