Poem -

Under the sea of the rising sun

Under the sea of the rising sun

There’s one thing I know for sure
Since this spinning world has spun
There is none as beautiful 
As the sea under the rising sun

Sparkling & glistening
Shining all aglow
As pretty as a perfect picture
Where the rolling sea does flow

Sailing on a cruiser ship
Strolling along the silky sand
Enjoying God’s Mother nature
With the sun setting on the land

Carry me to the coastline
Sit me under a tree
Sat staring at the sunset
Above the bountiful briny sea

Naturally nurtured
Fishes swimming free
Splashing my feet in the water
This is the happiest place to be

Under the canvas of the clouds
The salty sea it beckons me
Watching the setting sunshine
This fills my heart with gleee


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Jill Tait

Yes me too luv thank you loads u so kind ❤️