Poem -

Vegetable Man

Vegetable Man

Brussel sprout fingers
with a Sauerkraut coliflour brain
the fluffy spors of a SmartPrice pumpkin
hollowed out
in sullen October rain

Frost bitten mushrooms
in sacred shadowed ground
lost to mother nature
wrapped in mystery
possibly the origin of religion
spiritually profound

Jeff Beck beckons on the radio
lolling lyrics roll my eyes back
crashing waves of solid sound
"I'm a loser baby!"
like the decaying mulsh
on which fungus feeds...
I belong in the ground

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Syd...Jeff Beck is cool.  I got the references.  Very befitting imagery.  Remember him with the Yardbirds?  I always associate him with Eric Clapton. Great dedication to a great musician.  xo ;)


Hi Cherie

Yes, I do like Jeff Beck. Although I I'm not an avid fan but I enjoyed a few of his hits.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Much appreciated - Syd xo