Poem -

Wait.. wait.. don't open your eyes yet

Wait.. wait.. don't open your eyes yet

True trust has no crust 
To not believe is to rust 
Wanting what you love
Is a need and a must.
Feelings will never cost...

Approach to reach 
To a soul all can be teach
everything that's wonderfully.
And endings not so pretty. 

Try to hold all the gold 
Until your old and cold.
Because the hardest part
Is always letting go.
And that's only the beginning of...
"I can't take this anymore"

Think of remembering
And wish to not be forgotten
Yet Forget those moments
Where bleeding felt like the ending. 

Listen with understanding
Pay attention by attending.
Respect nobody less
Birth is everybody bless 
Our passion leads towards sex
Give your all to your best
Then share it with the rest.
That's a true journey, test, and quest. 

Wiser is a specialist 
not a profession 
Experience is always 
on the floor 
That's the glow that rises 
from down low.
Realizing knowledge 
through the door
of our core.
That's nature maturing 
Everyone sees the grass growing
Experience the knowing 
when you know longer 
need a thought 
To know your thinking. 

Always raise adequately 
And never race uncomfortably 
When time takes from your nesting. 
Life made you teacher 
with heart of preacher, 
one of our creators creature's.

Don't waist 
because nothing is trash.
And stay close but far from attash. 
Long sleeps create dreams 
And the fact awakes
with a lousy nap.
Is Not only what it seems
The  truth is vision can deem. 

It's here we're we all take 
our leaps to a pack.
And Layout the lessons 
To see where you lack. 
The life style is not my style 
So tired they only come 
while momentarily for a while.

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