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Warrior Down

Warrior Down

Just rebooted to get back into combat, roasting to a ripper race,

something’s tripped me up, now am down smackface, oblivious to war

The cold dryness of disappointment licks out from an abyss;

sticks to my heels, my palm tips; freezes my lips… locks my jaw

If I get up now, I’m sure to swoon. Flies mate and farm my flesh

Ashamed to call for nurse, with bandages afresh I mask this news

Wounds that were starting to heal now ooze septic stuff

My power seeps out sparks that flicker to a snuff, its a blacked out fuse

Thaw me with a song; eliminate my crippling fear

See me comrades, lift me up! I’m here—inside this ditch

Fill me in with paraffin to glow away the anemic snow

Sterilise my heart with beer. Let’s show this foe who’s bitch!

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I feel you've captured the raw harshness of battle very well in this piece Al.
I wouldn'tbe surprised if you've had some personal experience.

- Syd 

al Bikaadi

Thank you for the comments peops. . . I haven't been in any nationstate war, but my life has been through many hard ass battlegrounds. ;)