Poem -

We Had a Deal ( Or No Deal ! )

We Had a Deal  ( Or No Deal ! )

I used to play bridge with some finesse,
but the final result could be anyone's guess;
perhaps your heart was just not good enough,
but finding another good suit might be tough.

I knew that diamonds were a girls best friend,
but on the length and depth it may depend,
I had to deal with all the tricks and leads,
it was only seeing face-up that my heart bleeds.

When we were in clubs, you tended to ignore me,
maybe you weren't suited to my infidelity,
I had to dig deep, so I brought out the spades,
but disappointed with no deal as chance fades.

However, the born optimist took over, as I am,
it wasn't me who won but the door you gave a slam.


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RRG (Rebecca)

This is clever :) Really enjoyed reading. Blessings.