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Well don't you just know it....

End of coronavirus week 13. 3 more to supposedly go

(End of coronavirus week 13)
Well don’t you just know it...

So the government were wrong,
In their latest coronavirus bid,
Well don’t you just know it,
We’re still,
Not from this virus,
Once again,
Have they not been listening,
To the world around us,
Or have they remained,
In their bunkers,
I don’t know about you,
But who are they trying to kid.
Please start to listen,
As we are desperate to end the spread,
 of this vicious covid!

Why put our lives on the line,
When we still have to watch football,
On t.v or online.
‘’But there’s still no need to worry,
We’re coping just fine''.
That was the last of the governments lies!
If I can do it,
How can these big wigs,
Not read,
Between the lines?
The sooner they do that,
The sooner we can save the nations lives.
We’ve been told to isolate,
Till august the 1st,
Once again,
They changed their minds.
How is it,
That a ‘’so called’’ ‘leading nation’,
Is this far medically behind.
I hoped my ‘last' log,
Was my ‘last’.
Now after this one,
I’ve another 3 poems to think of and find.
But i assure you now,
Four more weeks,
Won’t be enough,
As our government seems to be blind.
Is it really that hard for everyones sake,
To simply lock your doors,

and stay confined.
This is how we’ll save our nation,
Both of these,

The police,
Clearly can’t sort this situation,
So surely it’s now up to our armies,
To patrol every street,
To stop total annihilation.
Wiping us off the map,
With this virus inhalation.
Its horrible,
I have to admit,
I mean,
Living in isolation.
Especially if you are on your own,
Feeling complete desolation.
But I’d rather a few more weeks of this,
Than put up with more devastation.
So please just listen,
And stop,
This damn,
Come on,
Everyone pitch in,
If anything,
Do it for yourselves,
Not just the nation.

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