Poem -

What Have Done To The World

Days that comeĀ and go all seemĀ the same to me now sinceĀ my sweetheart left this life for heaven Helen never wanted to grow old and old she'll never
But this Is not now the world my sweetheart and I were brought up In for our greed for wealth as taken thing to
Almost taken us to self destruction and still we can't see for most of us are still to blind or maybe just don't won't to see the devastation we have caused not
only to our
But more Importantly to our our children who wel leave nothing but a world now falling
In a way It's a relieve my wife will never have to see our self destruction and that she will never suffer growing old and alone like
But I guess thats how It was meant
to be If true then I know my sweetheart Is free of pain she'll never suffer
And that she will never grow older than 62 bless her and may God rest her soulĀ 
Helen Mary WalkerĀ 
1955 July 22nd - 2017 Dec 23rd

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