Poem -

When I Least Expect It

When I Least Expect It

When I least expect it
she'll come around the bend
say hello, say something
don't just give me love me eyes
than let me slip away
between your fingertips

I could call you if I had your digit
I'm tired of the long distance
the singularity Christ pose
I'm not that sweet, I'm not a rose
in the crack of the concrete
I'm a country rose bush
in an orchard, a wild rose down by the river

I'll be there when you're ready
smile when you see me
this digit is unlisted in the air
nothing ever goes as planned
life is never fair...Β 
I call and call and I think
she found someone

the same man who was jealous
of our connection
he raped us all
and he gets the woman
what about me, what about us
what about now or the day that never comes

I keep hoping for tomorrow
still I find yesterdays sorrow
in the brink of her forgiveness
with her wearing a summer dress
do I have to spend another cold winter alone

may be summer isn't my season
may be I'll find love in the fall
winter geese shall survive
in spring the worst part is over
getting to know her in the distance
is it better in person

or is it nagging, whining and complaining
"he got me the wrong tampons"
"this is old fort cheese, I wanted colby"
"he got margerine instead of butter"
"his jokes are cheasy"
"he's an idiot, and he snores"
"uhh, whatever, talk to the hand"

will she yell from the laundry room
instead of coming closer to talk to me
will she call me for something she needs
instead of getting it herself
don't get me wrong, I'm not lazy, I'll do my part
when I least expect it... I'll be hitched
should I run for the hills

Or will it be a match made in heaven?
I guess it could be, it's what we make of it
Let's make the best of it

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