Poem -

When the volume leaves

When the volume leaves

Beats that flow in aroma 
Sound that intensifies it's bonanza.
The Beauty sitting before every comma.
And the always
floating love
and never drama.
It's spontaneous
and then miraculous
and abracadabra.
Love disappears
into coma. 

Amnesia had taken 
only the ugly.
Around my life 
lived only openly beauty.

Alacrity was growing into adrenaline.
And magic could not make it 
anymore captivating.
My desirable ways"
had become memorable"
and dependable to her stay...
For it I replaced the wait.

Souls knew of us been remarkable.
It was true we killed destiny 
By proven to be unbreakable. 
And time will show 
and tell our struggles,
Of been together.
And you'll see how Love 
Compared to us was better.

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