Poem -



Oh is such the scent
Of the blanket of rotting leaves
Still wet and damp, so flat
From the dew of morning’s breath
Carried away with the breeze

The silent Aspens drip their scent
Dangling their leaves that spin
They silently flap and glisten
Teaching you how to listen

Early morning never lasted so long
As you creep through the droopy trees
Where the whitetail tiptoe through
Blending in with the skin of the Earth
Some you’ll never see

The scent of fall, brings you around
Back to youth, and near lost memories
A rush of adrenaline
As strong as the mighty bear
As soft as the cottontail

Him too, you smell
See tracks and his poo, hidden so well
But you, in the pursuit
Have learned to see the signs
The ones so small, meaningless to some
But ensure the spark of life in those
Who hunt the tender white spirits
The ones who dance through trees
Eluding you with ease

Oh how silly,
That the smell of poo
Breathes life into you!
But oh my, that smell of leaves
Blended with the trees
Oh that smell
Of the hunter’s fall

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Tony Taylor

Hey MOON KNIGHT!!...... definitely left a smile on my face...... but mostly I found the poetic intent of this piece to be quite compelling..... as I learned a little about hunting and about the author's appreciation for the beauty in nature itself!!...... some excellent word choices here that comprise some 'very poetic' phrasing!!...... FISTFUL-O-STARS!!..... well done brother poet!!......LOVE and ROCKETS!!......T xo 😉✳✴☀

Moon Knight

Thanks a ton, T! Who would have thought that poo could be poetic? haha

Cherie Sumner

Hi Moon Knight!  This is so original..... I found the bit about poo funny....the whitetail deer hide well in Aspens but their poo gives them away...lol..this was awesome! xox


What a lovely , expressive piece- you have described the whole scenario beautifully- lovely work! sorry it's taken me so long to find this but worth the wait!
Lodigiana xxx