Poem -

Will The Sun

When they call beautiful me its morning will the sun be my eyes
Oh wow
Only phonies are lonely
Now fights you do not move
Next room sign the dotted line
Differences sugar
Oh wow
Rumours addict
Plus sugar
Heated wings an ocean
Stage never ova
Short terms
Lashes swing
O jay where cross x catch
Thought it took symphony longer
Cap smoke im good
Promises album then that dap
Thanks for buttons
Oh wow
You are welcome
Black cat snow
Hand thigh knock
Do i know you have we meet before
Oh wow
Excuses band the authority
You feel with pour
Table turns off with caramel
Oh wow
Rune our lives depicting
Silence an excitement
It returns and play on its own
Put this on hold no love when we wake
Rough nudge
Miss me im ova
Stealing it flows over 
Like how it loses time
Oh wow
Issue portrait
It want help you bad
Empty space control body
Oh wow
Are you gone
Oh wow


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