Poem -

Wind leaf air and feathers

Wind leaf air and feathers

You ever walked yourself 
to a place that goes nowhere else.

That leads leaf's 
to find feathers,
But end up finding
Father faster
Despite the weather.

When neither leave a trace
And both dive seeming
That the end can take forever.

When Dancing with the sky"
The Leaf invites the feather,
To dance away the night.... together

Both gazing down from up high 
Both admiring the empty spaces 
filled with them dressed as kites.

Soon the Winds leave the leaf 
in a blissful bye 
Never forgetting 
To blow one last time. 

Pushing it to Sky dive with the winds 
To keep it from reaching the finish. 
It's air Adoring you without wishing it. 
Blowing away sad from closing in your landing. 

Now it's time to chase the feather 
Both twist the air 
Into bringing one the other.
When in pair there's no better
Only fate can make you for another.

So if you can't fly why even try 
Stand still  have will and save your goodbyes.
Try to see not feathers or leaf's 
But the time it takes to die
Is of only love to find away to keep love alive.