Poem -


By Fiona Cummings
He came into my life
 On that bitter cold night
Carrying wings for me
To set me free
He placed a crown upon my head
And put a pillow on my bed
He said no more sleepless nights
And then went as if in flight
He came to me through my dreams
In colours of blue’s, silvers and creams
He picked a flower that I had never seen
From long grass so very green
Beneath a tree
He came to me
And picked an apple and then a pear
I took the fruit
He just stood there
It was his look
A peaceful but meaningful stair
I just knew he really did care
He came to me one Autumn afternoon
When all the gardens were losing their blooms
My world of colours was fading now
He pointed to my crown
As if to say memories are kept inside my head
And I was lucky as I felt safe in my bed
He kept me warm on that cold night
And taught me how I would cope without sight
He gave me wings to free myself
And told me to leave my troubles on the shelf
I asked him what his name was
He just made a shape like a ring
And he never came again
I sit here wondering where he is
As he left me in such a Wizz
His message a new start
Like the spring
The sun will shine
And in time
All will be explained
Why me, why was I, chosen to be blind?
He was kind
And taught me so much
My heart he did touch
My life he changed
A new angle
Who was he?
I guess my angel

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