Poem -


Early one morning in the month of december.
Well i think it was that month my aging mind just can’t remember.
Anyway it was round about that time.
That i witnessed a deadly crime.
I was out walking my pet dog.
All around was cold damp fog.
In the distance i heard a yell.
And a satanic voice growling welcome to hell.
As i got closer a tall figure i seen.
It was a man who looked evil and mean.
He was standing over a fair maiden.
With horrific injuries her slim body was laden.
My pet dog did bark.
The injuries he left on the fair maiden on my pet dog he left the same mark.
To me he growled, i am the grim reaper and you’re going to die.
And that to this life i should say goodbye.
I shouted oh fuck and ran quicker than an olympic sprinter.
I got away, and that’s why I’m here to tell you this story about a crime i witnessed on a cold foggy morning in the season of winter.


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