Poem -


Young workers gather round and let's unite  
Tell our bosses that we are prepared to fight  
Paid a shilling for the work that we do 
Doesn't pay for a pint or a bowl of stew  

The hours are long and the work is tough 
Let's tell our bosses we've had enough  
We must demand better conditions and better pay 
The bosses exploit us to the extreme I have to say 

Young workers it's time that we made a stand 
Maybe then the bosses would understand 
We are no pushovers and never shall be  
The bosses should look after workers like you and me

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Cherie Leigh

Hi Kieran...So many would agree with you of the need to be treated respectfully with better wages and equality in hiring...It is such a competitive and difficult struggle in this age....Thank you for sharing. xo ;) 


Hi Kieran, it has always been a struggle for workers to achieve what they feel is their true worth..and I suspect it will continue for years to come. well written and a good remnder to  us all of the difficulties face in the  past and still cotinuing now. lodigiana xx