Poem -



A thought of tranquility 
Lost in the moment
Knowing the turbulent 
Blunder of today
Will hinder the movement 
Of trodden paths forward
The excerpts of yesterdays
Passages waning from the
Cold storage mind cellar 
The cracks are well sealed
The freedom of greatness
Can't come a calling
When the echo needs to be heard
From the voice loud and proud
Shaking ground egos 
Not grounded enough
To meet the match
Of whom versus
So don't play the player
That plays the broken record
Seek the torch casting light
Ready to thaw 
What's been frozen

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Wow a great metaphorical poem. Loved the way u worded this muse in poetry. Thumbs up.

I'm quite a newbie here, I think so r u, but I have been writing and interacting for ages. Pleez write your thoughts/comment on my newest poem, titled , "jumbo jet vs jays" too. I luv meeting poem pals,  
I like to know different conclusions and say hi to friends thereby in this cold world.

Sol Sister

Thank you for your comment as it means a lot to me.
I loved your poem about jumbo jets vs jays(aswell as your others)and it reiterated to me why I love to tune out the world and tune into the birds!
I look forward to your future poems.
Sol Sister


You know this really moved.  The imagery is captivating