Poem -


I cant detest the need for attention
As i taste the tinge your lips leave 
Relinquishing a hunger for more
but the possibility of loving someone
Enough that they may love 
Every fragment of my being
Brings about an uncontrollable fear 
of the possibility of loss 
But must i do
When my eyes linger on you 
While my mind speaks
Of kissing your lips
Until my lips go numb 
And im left grasping 
for any remnant of oxygen 
That may cause the shakings 
Of my body to deter
Instead of emanating the heat
That crawls through my skin 
Lighting its way into my heart 
Bringing about a ravenous flame 
To burn through the ends of my body
That desire something 
More than the physicality of ones being
While i lay here with the fire 
you’ve inadvertently lit in my heart
There are parts of me that wish 
To extinguish those flames 
But the preliminary action is that 
I’ve always been fond of fire
And you are the fire that i cannot cease.
                 Its 3:00am and ive realized that while you remind me of fire i remain drowning in the thoughts of you.