Poem -


At Once I was a sailor
Running too the sea
See eyes of a stranger
Reflected in them me

The same earthly hollow
That led me back to you
The same broken smirk
Obstructed my clear view

Two solo ships
That passed betwixt the night
Two hot and cold passengers
That shared in pains delight

Am I moving quickly?
Too fast for you hun?
Was this ever strictly
Two friends having fun?

Own ego incarnate
Laugh and joke and play
Smiling at suffering
Kill, provoke and slay

But there is connection
Between animal spirits
Both of celtic blood
And both pushing our limits

But you took another's hand
And my heart is full of woe
Past point of understanding
You fill me up with sorrow

Feeling suffocated
Like there's no escape
I never have been happy
No matter how high the stakes

I often say I hate you
because you make me feel
Though I lack compassion
My time with you is real

Can only write this so well
With fire in my chest
Too scared to say I love you
Too proud to embrace Death

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