Poem -

Zooming in tubes?

Zooming in tubes?

Which way should I go to my destiny ? I wonder where I will end up for my fate
Tho perhaps I won’t be travelling very far, maybes no further than my garden gate

Whilst it is impossible to ever know this answer, our future is simply written in the stars yet I think if I had been born nowadays, then I might have had a trip up to mars

I should have loved to have visited the moon, can you imagine what an adventure that would be, I bet rockets will be taking people soon 

Mind you it probably won’t be me but I can envisage this in my mind yet I think travel will be futuristic of a kind tho I was born far to early you see

I  reckon in the future traverse will be quick, like boarding a tardis & at your destination in a click
Trains, boats & planes may become transports from the past
coz scientists will come up with something that will overtake the word fast

Zooming in tubes flying through the air, a time capsule to transmit people anywhere,
this is the future in my mind that I see tho I will be long gone so it won’t bother me

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