Story -

Disrespectful love

He though he had control over her. He thought that whatever he did she would forgive him. Truth is he was always seeing how far he could push her, what was her breaking point? He knew being 6ft 5in athletically built, blonde hair, blue eyes, would make him desirable to women and he used that to torment this woman supposedly loved. When he was with his friends she was the butt of jokes, how he treated her and how she always forgave him and came back for more. Tonight he had been out drinking with the boys and had flirted and seduced a woman he met in the bar. They shared a moment in an alley that meant nothing to either of them but one they both enjoyed presumably. Now he was knocking at her door looking to spend time with Laura, his girlfriend. She opened the door and smiled, she was smaller 5ft 3in brown silky hair, green eyes and very pretty with an amazing figure. She was also very smart, which is why no one understood why she was a door mat when it came to him. Laura asked how her boyfriend Adam was and how the night went and he spun her a web if lies about a night of drinking with the lads and playing cards and pool. He never mentioned his conquest. Laura listened smiled as he stroked her hair and lied to her face while gazing drunkenly into her eyes. He spoke of how much he loved her and how much she meant to him and about how no other man would ever replace him. She knew him to be a very possessive and jealous man. After a moment he sat on the sofa half laying back, smiling and laughing. It was almost as if it was her he was laughing at. Laura then took him back when she said a friend had come around and was in the bathroom and how he should meet her as she was fun and outgoing and sexy as well as beautiful. She had stirred his interest so, Laura called her in. Her name was Kelly and was everything Laura had said, tall blonde, long legs, bust but then he knew that from the illicit liaison in the alley. His jaw dropped, stomach knotted and heart raced as the sweet poured down his forehead. Adam stood up and greeted her, Kelly smiled, 'I think we met earlier, you took me down the alley'. Adam was speechless, he looked frantically at Laura, 'that's just not true babe, I've never met her before,' 'please' said Laura, 'I am not an idiot and she is my sister. We planned this to expose you for what you are, a liar and a cheat. Seems you really showed your true colours babe'. Adam was shaking his head, 'no way, you don't play me, what the fuck, your both bitches but it don't matter you'll forgive me because I am the best thing you got. If you planned all this then maybe all of us could have fun together now', Adam wore a truly maniacle look, tinged with lecherous thoughts as he was thinking they would agree to a night that would blow his mind. Laura and Jelly both exchanged glances and smiled, Kelly spoke, 'well that's not going to happen and by the way did I mention I am just over my transgender transformation, I used to be her brother Kevin', for the second time that night his jaw dropped, 'bullshit! No way', 'way, babe', responded Laura 'for a lot of men this would be no big issue babe but I know how this though is repugnant to you and so that makes this even sweeter'. Adam was about to explode but not sure at who first, Laura and Kelly both smiled again when a knock at the door sounded, Laura opened it and two large good looking black men entered, 'hey Adam let me introduce Kelvin and Bradley, we are off out to go clubbing, so if there is nothing more, you can go.'Laura knew Adam was a right wing racist and knew how much this would annoy him but she actually had got to know Kelvin for a while and she really liked him, both Kevin and Brad knew the score and were happy to see him being taken down like this. Kelvin spoke calmly yet firmly, 'hey man, times a wasting and we are looking to get some fun on, so if you don't mind being on your way', all the men were equal in height and build so needless to say Adam was not to enamoured with the odds, he started leaving but as he did he spoke to Laura, 'you'll regret this, you'll want me back but if you go with him there's no way back', Kelvin stood close to Adam, 'hey man once she's gone black the ain't no going back', everyone but Adam laughed, he left and Laura started her new life with a man who not just loved her but actually respected her and treated her well. She has never been happier, the same with Kelly and Brad. Adam left town and no one knows where he went or cared.

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