Story -

Face reality

Have you ever looked in the mirror before and judged every part of yourself.Yet everyone says that beauty is skin deep,but what if you’re beauty doesn’t shine through your skin and stays deep beneath yourself, where it’s untouchable and which you can only see! Yet you always think that your personality is not sufficient and that the world couldn’t withstand it.Every glance in the mirror would start by examining every inch of your cloak that is covering your core and you would soon notice every single imperfection from your fingertips to your toes.From every single hair to every single freckle or spot found amongst your naturally painted canvas, drawn so delicately by the heavens above.Sometimes if you could, you would have scratched until all those imperfections went away, but you’ll need to deal with all those blemishes throughout your whole entire life.Someday,somehow you will overcome that obstacle in life and just accept each and every single inch of your body and you’ll soon be careless of what other people think of you. Someday you won’t care about the judgements that others have towards you.You see, some people judge others,because they have so much jealousy for things that they do not have in themselves that they see in others.Others might try to make themselves feel better by placing themselves on a pedestal ,whilst putting other people down.Yet for some,these judgments will always stick to them,like a leech that’s sucking all of their hope out of their soul. Just remember that for some the poison was in the wound,you see,but the wound never healed.So next time you judge someone,filter your thoughts and remember that these hurtful words are so easily said, but aren’t easily erasable for the one affected by those shameful words of yours.Sadly our generation is filled with judgement and is in the search for “perfection”, but no one seems to accept or come to terms that perfection doesn’t exist.We should start to define our own beauty and perfection from others.We should stop defining differences in others as being something “ugly” and try to find the “beauty” in everyone around us!