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Foregin Terrain: Part one.

Foregin Terrain: Part one.

He got out of his car, slammed the door shut behind him and ventured off through the trees and undergrowth.Β  He was stern and urgent as he swept the branches from his face, his boots trouncing into the soil as nightfall quickly loomed.
β€œDavid! He shouted.Β  You need to get your self back here right now, I’m not doing this again!”
He began to pick up his pace, chasing shadows through the long grass in front of him, the light on his phone dimmed, nearly dead.
β€œDavid!Β  I am telling you now, if you don’t get back here right now, I’m gonna string you up from the nearest tree!”
β€œDad I can’t, believe me, I wish I could, but I just can’t!”  His voice wavered in panic, desperation.
By now they had travelled quite a distance from the road and the light on Daniels phone had died.Β 
β€œShit!Β  I can’t see a god dam thing.Β  David, stay where you are and call to me so I can follow your voice.Β  David?Β  David are you there?”
A bright light suddenly emanated from the woodland not far in front of him.Β  Without question he used the light to hurry through the grass and quickly collapsed in heap as he stumbled over something beneath his feet.Β  He spat the soil and debris from his mouth and looked up, sweeping the hair from his face.
Astonished, he could not believe his eyes.Β  A great screeching sound pierced his ears as it stood before him, grand, surreal.Β  Never in a million years did he ever expect his son to right. Β 


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Simon Bromley

There's two parts to this.Β  Im not used to writing short stories but thank you for reading.