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From the Lap to the Grave

From the Lap to the Grave

The house is the home of the living, and the cemetery is of the dead. But the essence of living in a home cannot be learned better than a cemetery, where everyone is alone in his own grave in his account, and no one has to worry about anyone. If the scent of belief and the leaves of devotion disperse without any knowledge, then the aroma of golden dust spreads over a hundred feet of tea.

Humans, regardless of age, never want to live. Physical performance starts to diminish with age, but the desire for life is as noisy as the first day. It is human nature that he wants to survive the return journey even though he knows the truth, which is why he wants children who are at least his name. If this desire is scientifically evaluated, then the unborn child is part of the parents' existence, their genes, so the human desires to consciously transmit their genes and survive. There is also a difference between son and daughter. This is the tragedy of society that inheritance, whether in the form of wealth or knowledge, the need for a son and space is always hampered. Compromising or contradicting this general thinking of society is a matter of great courage and courage. Rarely does anyone meet this standard? A typical pattern of the son's absence is that there is no arm and no one to shoulder the funeral. Life goes on in this depravity and disloyalty, and there is only time left to tell who gets what. And who lives? But by that time it is understandable. We believe that the connection of the knower not only disappears with everything in the world, but also after death, he becomes oblivious to the worldly physical sense of his last place in the world, and only God knows its true nature.

There are differences and differences of thought on the justification for the renovation of the tombs with religious social and spiritual references, women going to the cemetery is not considered religiously desirable, but in homes where there are no sons, daughters have to do much such work. Which in general are considered to be exclusive to men only?

After a man's departure, his dear relationships, which for the rest of his life he used to grind in the cold nights and the heat of the afternoon, become very sensitive to the last place in his world. It is also true that in the first few days, the focus is more. Gradually, only on the occasion of Eid, Shabbat, or at most, annually, the occasion is formally attended. Whatever the case, at the very beginning of the lapse, the grave has a strange sensation as if the traveler is feeling us and we too can speak from the heart. What did someone say, "When one goes away, then he is not afraid of the cemetery." But this desire and inclination are not in the destiny of every person, some of their lives remain anonymous and even after death The conqueror does not come to the tomb at his grave.

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