Story -

I'm so very tired

I have a wife I can't stare at because it makes her uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable that I cant stare at her beauty but I compromise. I don't stare at her and instead steal longer glances. I have a wife I can't ask what's wrong because she doesn't want to talk about it and it makes me uncomfortable because she won't, but again I compromise. I bite my tongue and not ask and just hope everything ends up ok. I have a wife I can't kiss in public because it makes her feel uncomfortable and I compromise. I hold my feelings to want to embrace her in a loving kiss. I have a wife that I can't see nude because it makes her feel uncomfortable, and i compromise. It makes me uncomfortable because i cant see her beauty but i leave the lights off. I have a wife that i love with all my heart but i don't see compromise on her end of it all. It hurts but I'm here because I have hope and faith that everything will be ok. That she'll finally let me in.

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