Story -

Memories leak out her eyes,roll down her cheek , and burn her heart.

Her eyes so green i could plant a garden .. it would grow.. her smile would be the light for the roses , the thorns wouldnt leak out of her eyes and roll down her cheeks. And although the hurt she felt from the thorns made her cry.. the roses grew so peacefully , so bright and so red. That the maroon of the petals made her forget about the burgundy on her arm.. and although the tears that fell from someone so delicate , hit her scars and made them heal. Her past full of hurt , her present full of hope and her future full of dreams. She smiles despite the hurt .. because her eyes , smile and tears made all well. And it was worth it in the end

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Jason Brown

Beautiful imagery; skewed and twisted to weave an intriguing poem.

Welcome to Cosmofunnel.

J ;)


Thank you jason :) alot of people don’t believe i’m 14. But even the youngest of children have experienced the most frightening. And finding themselves is one of them