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My Grandad (R.T.LYNCH)

My Grandad    (R.T.LYNCH)

On the 8/10/1945 Christopher Thomas Farrell was born. Chris has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. He was born and raised in Enfield, Sydney. At a young age, in his late teens or early twenty`s Chris became a panel beater which he continued for 50yrs. He was a Collingwood nut. It was his work as a panel beater that lead him to working with cars. This passion allowed him in the 1970`s to work for Bob Jane and Allen Moffatt. Chris worked at the Bathurst race in the 80`s and 90`s. Chris became well known for his level of work. In 1985, Chris started working for Dick Johnson and continued for three years. The next year Chris flew up to work with Ray miles to build the proto type for the first Commodore Ute. Later sometime in 1992 Chris built Australia`s first Junior Dragster. Later in the 90`s he was given an old ute and he decided to turn it into the first convertible Ute.
In 2007 his first grandchild was born (Me). in 2010 at his eldest house he hade a stroke in the shower which left him in a wheel chair. That same year his second grandchild was born (my sister Ava). From then on, he was living in a nursing home and his second child and her two children visited him twice a month. Sadly in 2013 he had a second stroke which finally took his life.