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Chapter one

       Big Papa as everyone calls him was my first cousin and my 2nd  cousin Leroy is my mentor. Big Papa has thought me how to be a top lover but at the same time how to fight when I needed to. Big Papa was born December 25tht, 1975, yes the beginning of the only 2 years ahead of me. Big Papa and Leroy I was so much to me, because without them two I was nothing. All three of us went too elementary all the way to high school together until Big Papa and Leroy completed school.
Big Papa and Leroy both was young black man with long thick hair and were thick for both of they age. They had a ways of living, as apose to me
I was your skinny man that looked younger then what I am. I had straight hair. But whenever you seen Big Papa you seen me as his shadow. I was born , yes my mother was only 15 when she had me and Lava was 18 when she had Big Papa, and they both got pregnant and had boys.

       I remember all so while like I was still 10, I can recall we stayed on 60th and Los Angele it was the whole family midyear, uncle Cool Daddy, Big Daddy, and there father. In three bedrooms, yea we all was quite full of happiness there but we did survive.

But anyway we stayed right across the street from the police department that’s when Big Papa and I went to 84th elementary to together in the same grade. I remember Everyday Big Papa and I would go the police department and talk to them and ask them questions on how it would be to be an officer and other questions that a little kid have, one officer would give us candy everyday if we went to school on time and get good grades so after school Big Papa and I would go get our candy from the officer and he would ask us how our day went and we would ask him the same questions, yes those was the good days. Now you can’t even trust an officer.


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