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My Little Train Station

My Little Train Station

I run this little train station here. She has one track with trains passing by that take people where they want to go. No one has ever started at this station, but a few have ended their trip here...We have some who have stayed here for quite a while and have come to think of this place as a home, a safe place to be. Most have come and gone. Some staying for a while, some for only a fleeting moment. Some with tear-filled goodbye's, and others without a second glance. But there have many visitors passing by. We always wish the best for those who arrive and leave. Welcoming everyone with open arms and helping in any way we can. Putting your needs before our's always. Maybe that's why so many leave, they came to the conclusion we are not all-powerful servants. Or maybe we focussed too much on one visitor causing another to feel unwelcome and left. There is, of course, a list of those who have been kicked out of our station, but it is very small. But there is an even larger list of those left thinking they weren't wanted, when in fact, they very much were. Everyone here is wanted and needed. After all, how can a station run without its people? It can't. 

People come and go, it's just a part of life. It doesn't mean it won't hurt like hell when they leave. But you've just gotta hope they end up happy wherever their train takes them, even if it isn't back to you. Some let only certain trains in, some close their stations off completely, and then there are those that let anyone come by. Everyone runs their stations differently and can change the rules whenever they want. 

Kind of matches the phrase people use saying; "like I got hit by a train." Maybe you did. Everyone's trains run at different speeds going in different directions. Some go so fast they miss stations they would've loved, and others go so slow they never seem to keep up with the others. Some follow their track completely planned out, and others completely derail and just get stuck, unable to move...Everyone runs differently and go in their own direction. But there will always be a chance you can see them again at a different station if you find the right path. Who knows? They might even end up at your station.

Your station is your heart, your home. And the trains are people traveling. Some will stay with you and most won't. But that's just how it works, and because it is your heart you are allowed to make the rules on who can come in and who can stay. But some people are hard to stop, just like a runaway train. Only the other person themself can control the train. Deciding to stay or leave is always on a person's mind, but it never has to be a one-time or one-way trip. They can always come back if you wish. But sometimes people don't plan it out that way to lead themselves back to you...But that's okay. And you cant close your station off just because one train wrecked your station. You've just gotta build it back up again, and make stricter rules. Not saying it will work of course. I don't know what's in store for you and your heart. But I do think you should allow certain trains in. After all, whats a train station without trains? What's the point of caring if you can't care for someone or something? What's the point of love, if you cant love those around you?

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